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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun Stuff - for making life easier for food skillists


An ICT expert friend sent me through this great culinary tool guide - scroll over the tool and it zooms right in

One of the best freebie downloads is the dietary analysis program Food Choices
Anyone can download this interactive program - use the case study "Abby" to help you orientate your way through the tabs. You need to roughly know your weight, height and level of activity to help you work out your energy input and output.
Food skills experts and health professionals will be keen to know that this version contains the new NRVs (that's Nutrient Reference Values)
We use it all the time in schools - for a nominal subscription the package comes with a comprehensive array of learning activities that are designed for use by young people in food skills and physical education classes.

Best recipe and food web sites
Visit this site for a cultural oasis - includes recipes, a comprehensive Glossary, Food Art guide (including video footage of how to make turkish delight, zucchini flowers and many other gastronomics delights) , In season (seasonal fruits and vegetables - how to buy, prepare and store them), Ask the Chef (ask delightful and charming Gabriel Gate all your food skills questions), occasions (from all around the world, including Dutch-Indonesian Rijstafel, Greek Easter, St Patrick's Day), Restaurants (reviews, contact details) and access to all your favourite food programs on SBS.

2. For those of you who have an I-Pad or I-Phone remember to download a free version of the ABC Foodi app - this includes all your favourite enticing recipes including colour-laden images.
My other favourite free foodie apps includes Epicurious- the cooks companion, is US-based which means that you either have to be a baby-boomer or understand imperial measurements to make sense of the ingredient quantities (but you can go to Metric and oven temperature calculator for cooks at Taste) or you can buy the Taste app for AUS $1-19

3. Taste is one of the best Australian sites for all your favourite recipes.  Like the Sbs Food site all its recipes are in metric measures and include lots of other useful information, including Special occasion collections (I plan to try the Orange and marmelade roast turkey with cranberry stuffing for my Christmas in July next Saturday, 2 July. Other features include Menu plans, How to (what's in season, cooking tips, ingredients), Cuisine (recipes classified under Vegetarian, Desserts, Fish and Seafood).

4. Expecting a guest for dinner who has a food allergy or a dietary tolerance and don't know what to cook? Two useful sites to visit and explore include Betterhealth - visit the Healthy Living section and then healthy recipes. Scroll down the page to select the dietary variation.
Go for your life provides a wealth of information for healthy and happy family living - for family members of all ages - kids, teenagers, new parents and adults and older adults. Tip sheets are available in a selection of community languages including Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian and Vietnamese.

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