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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fitness Fun or Energy Output = Energy Input

Getting into Running...
with the opportunity to maintain some level of fitness over the Winter term break, I have embarked on running. Initially inspired by my half-marathon running husband Jan and then by my ultra-marathon, clarinet playing colleague and friend Julia Thorn, I joined a Saturday morning run group located at the bayside suburb of Brighton.  There I met an inspirational couple Sue and Andrew O'Brien who run the group as Lululemon Ambassadors and have a marvellous story of their own. Known as the 'couple on the run' they generously share their story of how running together has brought them closer together and have helped them both achieve wonderful success in their personal and professional lives.
As someone who has ventured down the PhD track and succeeded, Andrew has shared some useful tips to help keep me inspired not just to run but to also keep me on track with a PhD personal vision of my own..(hard work and slog ...and early morning starts when the house is quiet)
Read more about their story and some great top tips to start you own roadway to running... 

Benefits of running we all know about it - fitness, stamina and blowing your blues away
Staying motivated is also a factor so joining a running group can also keep you on track too!
Here is our regular Saturday morning running group (I'm at the back waving and wearing a cap)

From Sports Nutritionist Anne Ryan , read up more about how best you can prepare nutritionally for your next bike race

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