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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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So what are the essential food skills required by young people (and food skills students) to live healthy independent lives?
Here is the summarised version but you can read the whole article if you click on the links below!

Fifty-one food experts (home economics educators, chefs, dietitians, nutritionists, homemakers and independent young people, community health workers) were interviewed  to determine what these food skills are.
The top twelve essential food skills are
ü  Consumer knowledge, information and skills
ü  Hygiene and Safety knowledge and skills
ü  Meal knowledge and skills
ü  Nutritional Health knowledge
ü  Cookery Methods knowledge
ü  Equipment knowledge
ü  Food exposure knowledge
ü  Seasonal Produce knowledge
ü  Troubleshooting knowledge
ü  Sources information
ü  Terminology information
ü  Skills acquisition

Here is the link to the Abstract in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour
Please email me for the full text article (PDF) or visit for the Word version

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